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Here's a short blog post as more of a introductory piece and a bit about where my photography has gone and some insight into future projects.

My interest in photography was primarily sparked in early 2017 when I purchased my Nikon D3300 and a 55mm. I focused a lot on landscape photography as I felt that was the only aspect available to me at the time. Not even considering other areas of photography such as commercial & sports.

My trip to USA was an eye-opener as far as landscape photography had ever been for me. I even bag working on my cityscape pieces which was truly entertaining to try. New York had so much to offer as far as raw detail went, compared to Florida which took a scenic stance as far as imagery went. A few months following America I ventured into sports photography where I'm still very active in to this date.

Sports photography was a completely different setting to what I was used to and way out of my comfort zone when I first started. This was my first pressure related task. 80 minutes of action and you've got to put yourself in the perfect position each and ever time. Plus my reputation was on the line with first impressions. The pace of the game can really decide how your images turn out, the slow the game the less action shots and vice versa.

And here we are today, I've ventured into commercial & event photography which is linked with my sporting images. In two weeks time I'll begin my month long expedition to Kenya, whilst I'm out there I will attempt to post however I highly doubt there will be any facilities to do so. Once I am back I will document everything here on my blog!

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